If you can’t stand today, then you’re falling for tomorrow”

Dirteezy (TRPB)(2015)(1v)


  The Real Parker’s are Kentucky natives who have ties in withTexas, California, Florida, and Tennessee. Being influenced by some of the most recognizable rappers, a few that are most credible to the creativity would definitely be from Bone Thugs an Harmony, 3 Six Mafia, Hot Boys, and Lil John and the Eastside Boys. The brothers are currently building their catalog releasing song after song for their listeners to enjoy that are available on all the digital platforms online.

The Real Parker Brothers found passion for music as a coping skill to vent out the frustrations and struggles life would challenge them with through out the years. Finding out that releasing stressful situations on a track, delivering situations through musical concepts can be a thousand times more rewarding rather than reacting out in distruction and causing mayhem. 

  The Real Parker Brothers don’t plan on ever quitting the rap game. Music is for ever and is a gift for everyone. And if you’re one of those that can relate with real street shit, that hard core rough and rugged life style for survival, then you most definitely should check out their music and join the movement to stay in tune with new releases by Joining the team now .



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